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A Little Bit About Time Management

How do you find time for cartooning? It's not always easy. We're all busy, however, it can be done!

Time is precious. I know I value it more than just about anything. That’s probably why I’m always on time when I say I’ll be and I don’t tolerate people that are late unless there’s an excuse that was unavoidable. I can’t stand having my time wasted and like to use it wisely.

SO, when it comes to cartooning, how do you find time to do it?

We’re all busy. We all have a life, work, family, etc. It’s not easy to squeeze in moments for projects with cartooning. Though I’m a full-time cartoonist right now, there are other endeavors in the field I’m constantly tackling that take, well, TIME.

But, but…there’s only 24 hours in a day! And sleep! Aaack!

Today I shed some light on how I adjust my schedule to add in projects and get things done.

Yes, in that limited day we all have, it’s possible.

This is a post where I would LOVE to hear about your routine when it comes to working. So, be sure to comment after the video.

Now, it’s TIME to go watch. Do you see what I did there? Okay, moving on…


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