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Adding depth to a drawing: Part 2

There's a lot more to this depth stuff -- in amazing color!

In case you missed PART 1, CLICK HERE.

First off, my technicians are working on the audio aspect of recording on an iPad Pro. I discovered that this video in particular sounds like a recording from a digital tape recorder from 1982. However, the tips and what you SEE comes across (I hope) well.

Anyhow, today we’re adding some color to REALLY make your drawings have some depth to them. This is the technique I use in all of my comics, illustrations and so-forth.

I’m again using an iPad Pro (hence the bad audio) and the software, Procreate.

Fall is coming, so I found this image particularly fitting for it.

So come color with me! Learn about depth! WATCH BELOW.


  1. Tim Mellish says:

    The adding depth tutorials I found very helpful.

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