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Finding Time to Become a Cartoonist

Even if you don't want to have clients, you can become a cartoonist. It's just about timing.

I talk a lot about getting clients and brining in income. What if you don’t want clients though? What if you just want to draw cartoons? Whether that be a graphic novel, online feature or whatever it might be. You don’t want to worry about the hustle of freelancing and just..want…to…DRAW!

I talk about what worked well for me when I wanted to build my portfolio and just draw, draw, draw — and yet keep up on the bills with work. There’s no immediate money in portfolio building (I don’t think), but it’s important to keep cranking out material. My goal was to become an in-house cartoonist, so it needed done. I didn’t even want clients at one point. I strictly wanted to draw illustrations, keep pace with my syndicated comics and that was it, so that I could hopefully land a better position.

Well, there are ways to do this! My route wasn’t exactly glamorous, as you will hear, but you can hopefully create some similar path in your life to get done what you want done.

Get some pizza and ice cream and watch!

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