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Honest Criticism

"I'm great," you tell yourself everyday. That's good and all, but is your cartooning REALLY that great?

It’s good to believe in yourself — and your work.

I mean, sure, we know our skillsets. But have you ever thought that you are doing everything right and there’s not much to improve on? Like you believe in your work so much there’s nothing else that can be improved upon because it’s so awesome?

Boy, I have.

For me, I was always a decent artist, so I always heard about it from family, friends and teachers at grade school (I also heard from them when I was drawing and not paying attention in class). When it was time to hit the streets as a professional, well, it took some honest (like, brutally honest) criticism from another professional cartoonist to really get my act together.

Here’s a bit about my take on being honest with yourself, getting BRUTAL feedback and knowing that it’s okay if you’re not quite there yet (because, as a cartoonist, there’s ALWAYS improving).

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