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How to Deal With Internet Trolls

They exist. They're out to get a rise out of you. There is a way to handle them.

You’re having a joyous time, scrolling through the comments on your latest comic.

“This is great!”

“Haha. I love it”

The smiles continue from your face. But then, something sticks out…

“You suck.”

Wait a minute…


Who the hell is this!

You, my friend, just got visited by a troll. Or, as some would call them, a very opinionated person.

It might even be someone that’s a FAN that is just having a bad day.

I’ll discuss a few tips on how I handle such comments. Plus, how mistakes can be made in interpreting them. I had a recent example which I’ll share with you…

So, hang tight!

And if you don’t like this video, please be a troll so I have some good examples in the comment section.



  1. Will Dudla says:

    Hey Nate,

    Have definitely had my fair share of trolls and jerks. The worst culprits were on Imgur…which I just felt it wasn’t worth posting on there anymore. Too many dungeon dwelling keyboard warriors trying to force their worldly (or unworldly) perspective on you with snark. Instagram I have had mostly kids who want to test out their new found freedom to say tons of crap without repercussions. One kid in general had the balls to say “no one is going to donate sh!& to you cause of one comic.” I was promoting my Patreon page on the final panel of the swipe. He was too lazy to look at my profile and see how many other comics I had done. So I just made an off comment about teenagers being jerks cause they can on the internet, and then I deleted his comment. So he came back and complained that I deleted his comment. So I just told him he was being an ass and then both deleted his comment and banned him.

    However, I did find the greatest response to a troll from a fellow comic artist ever. The artist name is bransonreese on Instagram and he did the most epic of trolling against a troll on one of his comics about sharks having smooth skin (which they don’t, but that wasn’t the point). You can find it here on Twitter:


    I think it will be worth your time to read it, as it gave me quite a laugh. I learned from this one artist to respond with the most absurd stuff possible to throw off the troll. In 99% of my cases so far I have confused them into never commenting again 🙂

    So long story short, if you don’t feed the trolls what they want, they will leave and find other victims.

    Will 😀

    1. Nathanael Fakes says:

      Ha! Thanks for the link! I think you nailed-it all. There’s NO pleasing everyone. I’ve had some fun from time to time with trolls, but in general, I just hit the ol’ “delete” button or don’t comment/email back.

      Political cartoonist have it REAL bad when it comes to them (although, I’d consider them more opinionated people than trolls).


      Thanks for sharing!


  2. Greggjorie says:

    Теперь буду знать

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