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How to Draw A Cartoon: EPISODE #2 – Cat and Rat

Drawing a cat and rat gag cartoon

Today’s video is a long one.  Why?  I start from beginning to end on creating a gag cartoon that features a cat, rat, humans and – believe it or not –  is pun free!

Oh, and MY cat, Tiger, almost makes an appearance in today’s episode.  However, I did run into some…issues.

The final joke and cartoon is revealed at the end.

I hope you enjoy this one!  Meow.


  1. Shaun Dougherty says:

    Nate, I just finished watching this video! It was so awesome! This is exactly the type of instruction that helps me as a complete novice. I do old school pencil on paper but I still find this sort of video to be very informative and interesting. Also, I’ve observed that shading is extremely important in cartoons and there are numerous shading techniques. I feel like you could do a whole lesson on shading alone. Anyway, thank you for the great video and I definitely look forward to Future lessons!

    1. Nathanael Fakes says:

      Very cool, Shaun!

      I plan on featuring courses soon that focus on one area (consider an hour is a LONG time to watch me go from start to finish on a cartoon).

      Glad you enjoyed and stay tooned (awful pun, I know…)!

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