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How to Get Consistent Income Cartooning (Part 1)

Part of what I teach in my Cartooning Courses Pro is about consistency. It’s not easy to get when it comes to income and creating comics.

So, this is a two parter.

I wanted to ask you first: What do YOU do for consistent income with cartooning?

If you don’t have much cartooning income — that’s cool. I get it. But do you have anything? Maybe it’s consistent t-shirt sales per month. Or, you have a Patreon account and that’s it? Anything goes here.

If there’s SOMETHING consistent that you do — please let me know in the comments or email me at

I’m compiling the answers (including a few of my own) and will talk about them next week.

It’s always been fascinating for me to learn how creatives make a regular living. My story is different than others. In fact, I think EVERY cartoonists income and story is different. So, it’ll be interesting to hear what you have to say!

Plus, it’s what I get asked the most and try to teach. It’s an important question.

Let me know by email or in the comments! The video below explains a bit more.


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