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My Cartooning Website

A look at my website and the reason behind what I do to make it functional and serve its purpose.

Websites are pretty vital these days. Of course, I say that from the perspective of a cartoonist that wants (needs) to get clients. Essentially, a portfolio website. That’s what I have. It serves its purpose and it’s essential to business.

Today, I break down EXACTLY what all I have for my website and why I have it. I go over what makes my website work (it’s how I landed my gig at Red Bull and other clients) and how to do it yourself to duplicate mine (except for my logo, art and all that stuff, you know).

So, feel free to take any suggestions I have and use it on your own site to help make it work for you!

I hope you’ll come along with me on today’s digital journey as I dig deep into – ba-dum – MY WEBSITE. Oooh, sounds compelling, huh?

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My website: 



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