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Old Interview with Mr. Media

I ran across this the other day and thought I'd share.

Waaaay back in 2013 (okay, so it wasn’t THAT long ago) I did an interview with Mr. Media (aka Bob Andelman) about my syndicated series, Break of Day, and also talked about a Kickstarter that I launched for a graphic novel, Don Giovanni. I thought I’d share it today because I mention a few things about cartooning at this time, my process back-in-the-day and more.

It’s always interesting to look back. At the time, I inked by hand, didn’t know anything about marketing a Kickstarter (this one failed, by the way) and had other random projects on the burner. I had practically zero money, but I was scraping by (with help from my wife).

We lived in a studio apartment in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. You can see my old setup in the background. Not much, but it never needs to be!

You might get a few things out of this and instead of the usual video’s that I typically release, this one is just for fun.

Enjoy this TBT (Throw Back Tuesday)!

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