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Should I Be a Specific Type of Cartoonist?

Cartain types of cartooning cartooning courses.

“I’m a gag cartoonist. Can I be a graphic novelist, too?”

“I specialize in caricatures. What if I want to create a strip. Should I?”

“Will my reputation be okay if I try a new type of medium with cartooning?”

The questions we can ask ourselves when it comes to being a cartoonist can get quite complicated.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your image as a cartoonist if you one day decide to switch things up?

Let’s say you have a successful non-fiction graphic novel, but you decide you want to write funny greeting cards. Will people take you seriously as a graphic novelist then?

I try to answer that question in today’s video. I speak for myself in this, but, like always, it’s from my observations and experiences.

I hope you enjoy!

Also, the longer I go without a haircut, the more and more I will resemble Greg Brady in several months. This is your preview…

Please leave your comments below! What “type” of cartoonist are you? Have you ever feared changing gears and trying a new form of the medium?


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