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Studio Update and Gag Recap

I go over a bit about my upcoming studio move and a cool resource for gag cartoonists.

Today’s vlog is pretty quick. I’m in the process of moving. I’ll be relocating to a new home AND studio this week! It’s still in the L.A. area, but I’m trading the coast for mountains. I’m pretty excited. It’s just been a lot of work packing all the pencils, paper and drawing board (oh, and cleaning up ink stains).

I’m also going to talk about a really great resource for gag cartoonist called Gag Recap. It’s a monthly publications that helps to find magazines and other resources that publish (and pay) for cartoons. Definitely worth checking out. I know I was shocked to see all of the various mags out there and what they pay. Gag Recap has it all covered!

Again, it’s a fast video and is definitely worth your time if you’re looking to profit from your cartoons now, or in the future.

ALSO (boy, maybe there is a lot to today’s Cartooning Course), because of the move, I MIGHT have a rerun next week. I’ll try to add a bit more to it with text, but the video might be a classic. (Can I say that if it’s about five months old?) So, just a heads up. I’m not going anywhere, but if you’re new to the courses, it might be – well – new to you!



  1. Jim Shoenbill says:

    Gag recap is a weird and cool resource. I’ve been able to publish in several magazines I would have never otherwise heard of thanks to it. The publisher Van Scott seems like a great guy.

    1. Nate Fakes says:

      Yeah, it has all the latest markets! They definitely stay on top of what’s out there.

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