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Take On Projects (even if you’re unsure of them)

You might be better and doing things than you know.

Recently I was approached about possibly doing a project that I was very unsure about. It consists of areas of illustration that I’ve never ventured into. That being said, I asked myself (not too loudly, of course), “COULD I do it? Maybe? Possibly?” I then listened for that little voice in my head to answer back.

If you get things that come along that you’re not too sure of, don’t be quick just to say “no”. Today’s episode is about growing as an illustrator or cartoonist and trying new things out.

I have a lot of things that I’m definitely not the best at. But, you might find that, even if you’re not that great in a certain area, someone else sees your potential and you’re a perfect fit.

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  1. Doug Hill says:

    Great advice Nate. I’ve had several requests for jobs outside my area. Some didn’t work out (a lettering job ; I refused pay for the lousy job I did). Others surprised me, such as painting a logo on a high school gym floor. That one worked out much better than I had imagined. Another one was when I was contacted by Disney studios to coordinate murals done by schools in Burbank for the wall around their new building at the studio. I thought it would be overwhelming (I was teaching at the same time), but it worked out well and the murals were up for over a year. Everyone loved the project.
    I agree about being up front with any possible client. but trying new things can surprise you on what you can do.

    1. Nathanael Fakes says:

      That’s great to hear, Doug! Murals are something I would love to try sometime (I’m just afraid I’d mess up the space it was on). I think it’s kind of like stage fright, where it’s a bit nerve-racking, but then once you go out and do it, it gets easier and easier. I had a caricature project I once refunded the money on because it was HORRIBLE (and I’m not saying that to be critical — it really was). However, I learned from even the bad stuff and strive to get better. Thanks for sharing!

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