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Where I get clients for book covers and design.

There's a pretty cool place for professionals to get some extra work.

One question many freelancers have is where to get clients? To answer that – they’re everywhere! Although, you either have to find them, or they have to find you.

When it comes to getting clients for book covers and design, I have a resource I typically go to: Reedsy.

I explain in today’s video why I like the website and I also have an affiliate link below if book covers and designs is of any interest to you.

This video also features me rubbing my eyes. Damn contacts…

Here is my affiliate link for Reedsy:


  1. Will Dudla says:

    Hey Nate,

    Thanks for the website recommend. I can give back a little bit as well to maybe help. Over at the Amazon Kindle forums there are a ton of authors on there there are often looking for book cover design. Now the only drawback is that most of them are self publishing, so they may not pay as much as one would like. But I figured that it might still be a good place to check out.

    Also, how do you do the page design for your own book? Do you use InDesign or some other software? And where would you recommend to get it printed? I have a local comicon coming up in July and need to have material printed up, but am still in the research phase of vendors/software/etc.

    Thanks again,


    1. Nate Fakes says:

      Hi Will!

      Thanks for the info. I’d say any resource to potentially get work is good. And if they can’t afford to pay what’s fair, that’s okay as well. You just have to pass on it if it doesn’t feel worth it, but there are some self published authors that do pay quite well (over at Reedsy, too).

      For my page design, I just work with Photoshop. I figure out the dimensions needed and usually do things in sections (cover, spine, back) and then piece it together. If it’s a wrap-around cover, I’ll complete the entire thing with the correct dimensions and then piece all of the other info in digitally (title, text, etc.).

      I usually go to Blurb to print books ( They tend to do pretty well and can also help with the layout (it’s in their software) if needed. I know a lot of people like Lulu as well, but I’ve always been a Blurb guy.

      Keep us posted!



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